Annual Prizegiving – 2012/ Racing Statistics 2010 to 2012

Prizegiving & Buffet Saturday 10th November & Racing Stats

A packed club room and busy bar saw the end of season prizegiving on Saturday 10th November .  There was a fine array of silverware on show to be awarded to the winners of the races over the 2012 season, with engraved RFYC glasses for the runners up.  This year the prizes appeared to be won by a wider range of competitors with no one boat taking too many of the prizes, though it has to be said that a lot of skippers have collected a full set of the glasses over the years.  One of the biggest collections of trophies this year went to John Spencely and Peak Flow, which got a rousing cheer as John professes to have never one before.  Peak Flow managed three of the trophies.

Centre of the photo is the Cadet of the Year.  Congratulations to all the winners.  See the full list of winners: RFYC Prize Winners 2012

Racing statistics

The event was also an opportunity to share the racing statistics for the year, which had been carefully compiled by the Sailing Committee:

Noteable points in the stats
– there were more race starts this year
– there was an overall increase in fast handicap boats relative to slow
– there were the same number of boats competing as last year
– open events & evening races were the most popular, weekend racing less so
– cruise in company was very popular (not shown in the stats)

For the full stats see: Race stats 2010 to 2012

The photo competition

This was judged at the prizegiving.  There were 2 prizes.  The first of which went to Ken Dougall for his collection of black and white photos of “The Storm”.  Second prize was to Charles Morton for his very scenic picture of a boat on the shore with Lindisfarne in the background.  A special commendation and a third prize was given to Tom Wilson’s moody picture of the racing one gloomy afternoon, when he managed to catch it despite being occupied as Race Officer:

As no entries for the Log Competition had been received by the closing date ( the only submission being sent long after the date) this prize wasn’t awarded this year.  The Commodore allowed that this had been a poor season and hoped that there would be more journeys undertaken next year and that there would be a good crop of logs as a result.

And Finally:

After the prizegiving a finger buffet was served, and everybody had the opportunity to put forward suggestions for the 2013 Sailing Calendar using the “Post-It” board.  The suggestions (un-audited) were as follows:

– more windward-leeward courses (again)
– 707 class
– new ground point for winch at top of slip that is central and strong
– fix crane
– dinghy racing
– more dinghy training
– weekend racing – saturday or sunday OK
– cruising in company – more, excellent scheme, pref Saturday
– race duty – all boats must do one
– circle races please
– weekend racing – mix of Saturday and Sunday please, using circle is good but also some passage races
– later starts for weekend races
– club Lasers
– boat does the 3 duties
– cruise in company – 2 per year, one Staurday, one Sunday

Addressing some of the suggestions (such as later starts for weekend races) are constrained by other factors such as the tide, but all suggestions were appreciated and will provide a user driven steer for the Sailing Committee and Council.  Thanks go to those who contributed.

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