Lift In 2012

With an early start shortly after 8 a.m. and a number of willing helpers, the lift in took place in a mixture of sunshine and showers.

The first boats take to the slip

The first boats were put onto the slip awaiting the arrival of the tide.

This was followed by a pause for coffee and bacon rolls until there was enough water alongside the slip to take the shallow boats.

Swing them high

For the newcomers who hadn’t seen it before, it was somewhat disconcerting to see how high the boats are lifted to swing across the rest and into the water.  This is a worrying moment both for the owner and for those below.

With a wealth of willing hands, not everybody has a job to do all of the time, but “many hands make light work” is very valid on an occasion like this.

Curlew is new to the harbour and has the distinction of two stubby bilge keels protecting a large drop keel.  Ideal for the Forth.

We succeeded in lifting 33 boats and two and a half mast lifts well within the tide limitations.

The average time for a boat lift came out at five and a half minutes per boat which is reasonable, if we could achieve the same for lift out I’m sure we all be very happy but we don’t look for miracles.

The bar was kept busy during the day serving drinks and hot rolls and the bacon rolls had run out by early afternoon.  Fortunately the egg and lorne rolls kept going and there was plenty of hot spicy soup and the new bar manager, Lindsey, did a stirling job keeping us all fed and watered.

The last of the lift-ins was Simandy, the beautiful motor-sailer which sat outside the clubhouse all winter.

Simandy, biggest lift of the day

The commodore particularly  thanked those who took the initiative at the end of the day, always a wearisome time, and brought the dinghies back into the yard while the crane was busy trying to lift ‘Never Again’.   We now have a large space at the south end of the yard left by the removal of ‘Never Again’, and her two masts.  Sadly she was well named.

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