BEWARE – Diesel stolen from boat tanks – Updated with fuel locks

Regrettably two boats moored on the Edinburgh Marina pontoon for the winter have had all of the diesel stolen from their fuel tanks.

All members are advised that with the high cost of diesel you are at risk.  This has been a problem in larger marinas elsewhere and it is regrettable that it has spread to Granton.

As leaving your tanks empty is not advisable, risking condensation, water and sludge, the answer is probably to invest in a lockable fuel cap.

The local chandlers do not appear to have these in stock, though John White of Seaspan is trying to find a source for them.

Online, you can Google “lockable fuel caps for boats” though this gives mixed results.  The “Tank Lock” looks good but is only available from the USA and is very expensive.  I also found the “Fuelock” in the UK, but following threads it seems that whoeven designed it and got it manufactured then sold out to XM Yachting.  XM Yachting have since gone bust and been taken over by Plastimo, who do not appear to be selling it.

But the online chandlers Marinemegastore ( have got it on sale under the XM label.  It is possible that they bought up the XM stock, as no other chandler seems to have it on sale.  The price from them at £41.34 is a bit higher than the original price and there is the addition of £4.95 postage, but it is still cheaper and easier than buying from the USA.

John White at Seaspan has sourced a stainless steel cover that fits over an existing filler and then padlocks.  Cost should be about £40 and would be delivered in a week.  I am looking to see if we can get a bulk order together.  Details:

I will keep you all posted.



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