On the 6th and 7th November 2013, the club was again at the centre of police activity, this time with their Underwater Unit.CIMG5312  See the previous report)

We are not sure what triggered off the police search in the mud below the crane, but speculation is rife as to whether it might be related to gun or knife crime.  What is certain is that they discovered explosives.  Well, that is over dramatising it, but they found a number of flares, which somebody – and we trust that it was not one of our members – had tossed into the water at some time.

What it did mean was that the crane was out of bounds for two days behind the Police Incident tapes.CIMG5314

We suspect that the photographer was possibly from the local press.

Although from the Underwater Unit, the poor policemen had to swim through the mud, feeling carefully with their fingertips for anything which had settled there.

A handful of flares is all that we are aware that CIMG5317_2they discovered , which will presumably be disposed of in the correct fashion (see below)


At the end of their search, they were offered a shower and coffee in the club house, but had to rush off to the West Coast for their next assignment.

A messy job, but someone has to do it.

CIMG5318For reference, disposal of flares these days has to be done through designate Coastguard locations at specified times.  For us, this means going up to St Andrews having first checking which dates they are accepting them.  They will also not take a large consignment, which prevents us from gathering together a big batch from Club members.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 15.01.08The Coastguards at St Andrews can be contacted on:  01333 450 666


A full set of guidelines and answers to questions from the RYA can be downloaded here:  Disposal of Out of Date Flares – FAQs