Lift Out 2013 – updated

On Saturday, 5 October it was lift-out time.

It was a bright day with patches of sun and although the wind was a little frisky at times, it was never a problem.

With an early start for many of the usual stalwarts, and a few newcomers, the yard was quickly emptied and the crane moved in to take up position ready for the first lift.  With no Tabula Rasa coming out this year, there was nothing on the slip ready to lift, so it was off to the club house for coffee with bacon and sausage rolls.

Shortly after midday, the tide had come in enough to commence the lift and it fell to Early Bird, aptly named, to be the first to be lifted.

CIMG5258 CIMG5260








She flies like a bird……

This is when you hope that the stops hold if its your boat or if you are under it at the time.




And the bird has landed











For the crane driver it is all in a day’s work to move around thousands of pounds worth of kit to positions within a few inches.  Piotr would say, just six inches to the left, the message would be radioed to the crane driver by the banksman and it would happen.













And what a long reach it has










This required a neat bit of positioning of that aft strop:







A bit of gardening required here, but it was not the most prolific,  The prize for that is yet to come.





The onboard crew doing a stirling job putting the strops in place:

CIMG5270 CIMG5272

If you spend more than one season in the water you can expect a good crop or weed:CIMG5277

Though this still isn’t the worst.









Halfway through the day and it is time for Blue Moon, one of the Contessas to be lifted:









Fairly late in the afternoon, the yard was starting to look very tidy:









But the best crop of weed of the day was on Minnie, who had also been in the water for two seasons:

CIMG5287And finally for the day, Gonzo’s carbon fibre, unstayed mast had to be taken off












And the trailers and dinghies had to be put back into the yard.  And that was it for the Saturday.


On Sunday it all started again though a little later in the morning when the rest of the boats were lifted out, finishing by mid afternoon.


The end of another season, apart from those boats which could be lifted out onto trailers using the yard crane, or who planned to stay on the pontoon over the winter.

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