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Forth Road Bridge – Festival Flotilla

On Sunday 7 September, a large flotilla of 160 boats gathered below the railway bridge to take part in a parade of boats to celebrate 50 years of the Forth Road Bridge.

There were about 9 boats from RFYC, at least one of which had spent the previous night at Port Edgar and with the boatman off sick, the start was delayed somewhat for some of the boats.  With the wind from the west and a bit of sea, for most of us it was a motor up to the gathering point at Long Craig.

Waiting for the start

Waiting for the start

Whizz Too was there, sporting a dragon, in case we didn’t recognize the boat, and for some reasons pink wigs for the crew.

Henry Boyd doesn't want to be seen in his pink wig

Henry Boyd doesn’t want to be seen in his pink wig







Having received comprehensive guidance documentation, including a designated position in the one of the three columns of boats, our lead boat set off and we were left to join the line whenever we chose to.

And the flotilla is off

And the flotilla is off

Early conditions were a bit grey and also a bit rough and Whizz Too struggled a bit with its litttle outboard when the prop lifted out of the water.




Rough in patches

Rough in patches

Whizz Too under power

Whizz Too under power

Early conditions are abit grey

Early conditions are a bit grey







A selection of images:

There were all sorts of boats, large and small

One of the smaller participants

One of the smaller participants

Pharos - The largest vessel in the flotilla

Pharos – The largest vessel in the flotilla







The flotilla pass close to one of the new support towers of the new bridge (this used to be the Beamer Rock):One of the towers of the new bridge





Once the down river flotilla had passed under the bridge again, it was dispersal, with some heading into Port Edgar for a BBQ, whilst the rest of us took advantage of the sun and the strong breeze, now behind us, for a fine sail back to Granton.

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