A wonderful sailing film

How often have we wished to see a film at the cinema that is set in a sailing environment.  They are rarer than a perfect sailing day on the Forth.

Well here is a sailing film with bells on, that will appeal to all sailors unless they have a nervous disposition.  It is the latest Robert Redford film “All is Lost”  which was on in Edinburgh recently and may still be available at a cinema near you. Otherwise you will have to buy it or rent it via one of the online or DVD services.  The DVD and Blu-Ray are to be released on 28 April 2014.

It is a gripping film.  A man, a boat and the Indian Ocean.  All I will say is that the boat hits a floating container.  All the way through, you were wondering: “how would I have done that?”, or “would I have thought of that?”.

What is certain is that you will not want to be sailing solo in the Indian Ocean.  Particularly as the giant container ships in the shipping lanes don’t appear to keep a lookout.

Will he survive?  You will need to see the  film to know that.  It is highly recommended.

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