Lift Out 2014 – Wednesday October 8

Lift out .

The lift out is a day organised by the members to lift out their boats using a large hired crane.  This spreads the cost across all of the participating boat owners.  The club’s role is merely to expedite this.  Boat Owners and their crews MUST be present, but other members who have boats in the yard or just want a day of being amongst boats are very welcomed.  Note also that bacon rolls are served in the morning and hot soup and panini are available at lunchtime.

Note that Health & Safety issues are of prime importance on the day.

This year the lift out is to be charged on time taken per boat or mast as an encouragement to all to ensure that they are as prepared as possible to avoid delays on the day.  It is anticipated that this will avoid a second day of lift out, thereby saving all participating members money

Please ensure that your cradle or trailer is ready well in advance as there will be no time on the day to sort it all out.

Other things you can do to save time and thereby cost:

  • Make sure that you have the lifting points marked on your boat
  • If you have a long keel make sure that you have lines ready to tie the strops fore and aft
  • Have a ladder ready if you need to be able to get on the boat to untie these lines
  • Have tools ready to adjust your cradle

Full notes for guidance were handed out at the pre-lift meeting last Saturday but can also be downloaded here: RFYC 2014 Lift out – Guidance Note

With the Lift Out Teams and order of lift (subject to minor changes on the day): RFYC Lift-out 2014 LiftTeams



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