Family Cruise / Sailing – 15th to 17th July

Family Cruise / Sailing – 15th to 17th July

We are getting to that time of year when School holidays re upon us. We have put in the Calendar from Wednesday July 15th through to Friday 17th a Family Cruise / Sailing few days.  Propose a few days of messing about in boats.  Depending on who is interested and available and of course the weather we can either do a bit of a cruise around the Forth or further afield – sailing off to deserted beaches, dropping anchors and swimming ashore and cooking fresh lobsters over a fire, spending a night or two under anchor and sailing home again (it might happen). The East Neuk and East Lothian coasts are only a few hours sail away.  More realistically it may well involve a bit of big boat and little boat sailing and messing about in dinghies. Please let me know if you are around and interested and we can make more detailed arrangements.  Please also note that this is not childcare or adult care for the holidays – irresponsible parents do need to be accompanied by responsible children and vice versa!

Patrick Angier

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    Saturday, April 21 @ 2:00 pm
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    Sunday, May 6

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