Parasailor demo on Star Tern next week?

Club member Alan Turner (Star Tern)  has arranged a demo next week of a parasailor. The parasailor may of interest to others and they may wish to view the demo. Arrangements have not been firmed up.

Stuart Anderson, the rep from Sea Teach, will be doing the demo. He will be travelling all day Wednesday and the plan is to commission a Parasailor over on the Clyde Thursday. Realistically, therefore, it will be Friday or Saturday when we can sail at Granton. Note, the sail he has for demo purposes is a Parasailor as opposed to a Parasail. The two are very similar in design, the Parasailor wing being inflatable like a Paraglider or modern parachute whereas the Parasail wing is non-inflating. Operation of the two is the same. So fine for the demo.

If anyone is interested they could contact Alan Turner direct (via the office). He could then liaise with the rep.



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