Burns Night Hoolie 23 Jan – final reminder!

  • When – Sat. 23rd January 2016, 7 for 7.30pm
  • Where – RFYC Clubhouse, Granton Middle Pier
  • How little?! – £17pp; bring lots of friends!
  • Where from? – Tickets available from RFYC office

This year we are trying to loosen it from being quite a serious cultural ‘Do’, to something a little more relaxed, informal and where people feel free to express themselves through the medium of dance? You can still wear a kilt if you want to!

Yes, we have booked live ceilidh music so, once the (almost speech-free) meal is over, we can have a dance, make some noise and generally just have a laugh. Very much in the spirit of Burns in fact.

We will still be having haggis, neeps and tatties, and we don’t have the means to offer food choices, so if haggis is a problem, perhaps I can suggest focussing on the liquid side of the meal instead? Just a thought…

And here’s a nice touch: because there will be toasts, or at least one anyway, we’re giving out a free dram to help the food go down. Lovely!

I urge you to come along if you possibly can- perhaps we could treat this as the first Racers’ Evening of the year? We all know we need to keep doing things at the club or else it’ll simply disappear so we might as well put on events we want to go to, no? Also, please share this with your (non-member) friends- they might enjoy themselves too?

I hope this new format appeals to you and that you’ll come along to say hello to each other? This ‘extra’ unofficial email is going out to those of you who race because if at least you guys come along, then it’ll be a great evening anyway!

I hope to see you on Saturday night, the 23rd, and, as someone famous once said: ‘No jacket required!’*

Ian Lindsay

*  – possibly a Phil Collins album?

See Event Notice and Burns Night Flyer.


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