New: Navionics Charts and Live AIS Feed on website

To improve service to users we’ve made some small tweaks to the website recently, including adding some more live navigation features. The main ones are:

The “AIS Webview” page now has a live AIS display, thanks to an API provided by Marine Traffic. So to see what ships are moving around, just click on the “AIS Webview” link or menu item and browse as you wish.

We’ve added live worldwide Navionics digital charts, courtesy of an API kindly made available by Navionics. There is still a bit of work to do on this – it opens centred on Granton but showing an awful lot of the UK and most of the North Sea. To zoom in on Granton, just click on the “+” symbol a few times. To plan your next adventure, look wherever in the world you are interested in. Detailed charts are not available for a few areas including Denmark and its possessions (e.g. Faeroes and Greenland) but most places of interest can be explored in detail.

Screenshot of Navionics digital chart on our website showing Granton and our local sailing area

Screenshot of Navionics digital chart on our website showing Granton and our local sailing area



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