Kestra approaching the finishing line – photo H Sillitto

Ten boats raced on Wednesday in ideal wind conditions, though with unpleasant rain. With strong wind on Thursday and Friday there were fewer boats, but seven boats sailed in all three races.

Richard Leask and his crew were (I think) the overall winner, in Kestra. Cacciatore finished first in elapsed time on Wednesday by a large margin, but was clobbered by her handicap and on corrected time was in the middle of the field. Visiting Sonata Zero Proof, with Tom Wilson at the helm, had a fantastic race on Wednesday finishing in the middle of the fast fleet and being placed third overall on handicap. Both Cacciatore and Zero Proof were less successful in the stronger winds on Thursday and Friday. Eastie Beasty tried gallantly on Wednesday and Thursday, and was allotted a special “cruiser class” by the race officers, with a separate finish.  (Note that because of this there is an anomaly in the first version of Wednesday’s Sailwave results for the Slow Fleet, because Zero Proof sailed the same course as the Fast Fleet whereas Eastie Beasty did not, so their times are not comparable.)

Friday was a bit wild, with gusts of 23-25 knots, and one of the H-boats shredding her spinnaker during the race. Seven boats competed with Cacciatore getting line honours by a close margin but Kestra winning on handicap.

Full results for all three races are posted in the Clubhouse and will be posted on Sailwave as soon as time permits.


Whizz Two before the start – Friday – photo H Sillitto


George Brown, Friday’s Race Officer, with Zero Proof behind. Photo H Sillitto


A nice view of Royal Forth’s defaced Blue Ensign, with Cacciatore behind, before the start – friday. Photo H Sillitto


Cacciatore – first to finish on Wednesday and Friday – photo H Sillitto


Cacciatore approaching the finish line – Friday – photo H Sillitto


Kestra crossing the finish line to win the Friday Festival Series race 2016 – photo H Sillitto