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Helgoland to Edinburgh Race 2017

Another Helgoland is now over and from all reports it was most successful.

Most of the boats arrived with some damage resulting from the conditions of the passage but with a lot of help from Royal Forth members it was all sorted.

The culminating event, the Scottish evening and barbecue on the Saturday was a very lively occasion enjoyed in sunny conditions which then went on into a musical evening till 2 a.m the next morning.  There were a number of notes of appreciation from our German visitors but this one expresses it well.  It is published as it was written:

Dear Royal Forth Yacht Club Team of Helgoland Edinburgh Regatta 2017

On Saturday evening we all sit together and sing some songs wich each other. We Team of Atena GER7332 also present a song. It were in german language. I presumed that some of the team are not so familiar in german language, so that the song miss one aim. Therefor here the Translation.

Reinhard May

God Night Friends
It is time form me to go
What I still have to say
needs one cigarette
And standing a last glas

For the day, for the night under your roof appreciate.
For the place on your table, for each glass that I dring.
For the plate that you place to your side,
as be course as nothing in the world.

God Night Friends ….

Thanks for the time to prattle away
for your patience if there were more then one view.
Therefore that you don’t ask when I come or go
For the open door in than I stand now.

God night friends …

For the time I live as a quiet gast on your side
Thanks that you don’t ask what bring it, what get it.
Maybe it is because from out sight it appears
That in your window the light is warmer.

God night friends …

I am back to Germany and in two days my work starts. And as special in the view backwards each part of the song is mapped for me on all the people from royal forth yacht club.

Best regards

Jobst Wellensiek



This June we again have the pleasure of welcoming the racers from Helgoland at the end of North Sea Week.

After a long weekend of racing in the Helgoland area, a fleet of typically forty yachts will race the four hundred miles to Granton. The race is due to start at 16:30 German time  (15:30 BST) on Monday 5th June, and the racers are expected to arrive at Granton later in the week. See Event notice.

RFYC will organise the finish of the race, and host the crews.  The small and medium size yachts will moor on the EML pontoon, the largest ones (some will draw over 3 metres) will go into Leith Docks or anchor off Granton.

Helgoland to Edinburgh, Nordseewoche

Helgoland to Edinburgh, Nordseewoche

The race runs every two years. In 2015 it was a fantastic social occasion, and we hope this year will be the same or better.

More details as they become available.

The pontoons are busy and colourful - photo by Hillary Sillitto

Helgoland Race 2015: The pontoons are busy and colourful – photo by Hillary Sillitto

Racing at Helgoland, 2015 - courtesy of Nordseewoche organisers

Racing at Helgoland, 2015 – courtesy of Nordseewoche organisers

Helgoland 2015: Pipers and barbecue - photo by Hillary Sillitto

Helgoland 2015: Pipers and barbecue – photo by Hillary Sillitto


Upcoming Events

  1. Open Sailing 2

    Thursday, June 20 @ 5:30 pm
  2. Early Evening 6/6

    Thursday, June 20 @ 7:00 pm
  3. Friday White Sail 4 C

    Friday, June 21 @ 7:00 pm
  4. Coronation Cup

    Saturday, June 22 @ 4:30 pm
  5. DBSC Four Inches (Forth Series Div 1&2)

    Sunday, June 23
  6. Mid Evening Points 1/5

    Tuesday, June 25 @ 7:00 pm
  7. Mid Evening Points 2/5

    Wednesday, June 26 @ 7:15 pm
  8. Long weekend Cruise in Company start

    Thursday, June 27
  9. Edinburgh Regatta

    Saturday, June 29 - Sunday, June 30
  10. FCYC/RFYC Edinburgh Regatta (Forth Series Div 1&2) 1

    Saturday, June 29

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