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From FYCA website:

As briefed at RFYC yesterday evening, FYCA are planning to introduce an improved yacht handicap system for 2016. The plans for this are well advanced and the committee have published a provisional handicap list for 2016 based on the new scheme. The list is available for download here.

If you didn’t attend the seminar here is a summary of how the improved scheme operates. There is no difference to the way that yachts apply for a handicap and the FYCA Handicap Committee will set the initial or base handicap in the same way as before. The improvements come in the way that the performance data generated from the returned race results is used to update the handicaps. Previously any updates made after a review with the committee, this was both time consuming and subjective. The new scheme replaces that with a formula that uses the returned race results to assess the yachts performance against their current handicap and make the adjustments. The formula applies the updates equally to all yachts, the committee’s role it reduced gathering the results data and to sanity checking the updates prior to publication. It is planned to update the list twice a year, once at the start of the season to incorporate any new boats arriving over the winter and once before the major regattas on the Forth.

It is proposed to have a final vote on the adoption of this improved scheme at the FYCA Spring Delegates meeting; 21st April 2016. In the mean time if there are comments on the proposed handicaps please let the handicap committee know ( preferably via your club’s sailing secretary. (If you are querying a handicap value then it helps if there is some evidence to back up your comments.) Click here for details on how to apply for a FYCA handicap.

Phil Walter
FYCA Handicap Committee Chairman

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