Grey skies and an uncertain forecast were not sufficient to dampen the spirits of those members who gathered at the club at lunchtime on Sunday 9th July for the third of our six event ‘Cruise in Company’ series this year. Force 4/5 winds were predicted from the south west and, although dry to start, light rain commenced as the fleet left the harbour after noon.  One of the boats had two sea dogs.

With winds predicted from the south west, and HW due at 15:50, conditions were just right for an afternoon sail to one of my favourite destinations on the Forth: Aberdour Harbour.

Aberdour village is one of Fife’s many treasures and the harbour, which gives good shelter from both the east and west, is a beautiful and peaceful haven and a lovely place to spend a few hours. It is very tide dependent however and visiting yachts should always take care to ensure that sufficient water is available. The Forth pilot book gives valuable guidance on this but, in general terms, yachts are usually able to access the harbour safely 2 or 3 hours either side of HW.

The Aberdour Boat Club Muster had been held the previous day, thankfully accompanied by light breezes and blue skies, but today the harbour was quiet. In the fleet today were Orithya (plus two dogs), Hanna, Solveig and Aziana. Aziana arrived first and, nudging carefully into the harbour whilst keeping a close watch on the depth below the keel, tied up at the wall about half way into the harbour. The rest of the fleet followed and tied up safely.

With our arrival the rain stopped, the breeze dropped, and all was peace and tranquillity as we enjoyed this social occasion. Worthy of note perhaps is the fact that all four of the club’s ‘active’ Seamaster 925 yachts were represented at the gathering. Solveig and Aziana were in the fleet and the skippers of Smithereen (Tom Wilson) and Samba (Lorne Byatt) both of whose boats are currently on the west coast, were attending the event on Aziana and Hanna respectively. There is a belief that there is in fact a fifth Seamaster 925 in the club, but we are not sure where it is (it certainly isn’t at Granton Harbour).

The Seamasters
Hannah – Refreshments are served

The group enjoyed a couple of hours in the harbour before heading back at about 3:30pm. The breeze filled in again from the south west and we enjoyed a cracking sail in dry conditions straight back to Granton on the one tack. Bliss!

Sailing Home

All in all we had a great day and, although uncertain at the beginning, the weather was much kinder to us than we had first thought it was going to be.

B Robertson