Winter talks 2017

(all events are 7pm for 7.30pm unless otherwise stated)

9) Racing model yachts: 27th April: ‘Come and learn all about sailing and building one of these miniaturised yachts’.

What do you do in the winter when you’re boat’s out of the water? Thankful for the break or itching to keep sailing but with more comfort? It turns out a number of members opt for the latter so why not come along and find out about how to keep your sailing skills honed in the off-season. Less a talk than an opportunity to ask questions and share knowledge with other members


Past events:

1) John Spencely: THURSDAY, 2nd FebReading three of his favourite excerpts from:

A) “Fastnet 1979” by John Maclean, the skipper of Fluter, a Contessa 32. Utterly gripping! 8 pages.

B) “The Recovery of the Dubai Valour” by Douglas J Lindsay. Skullduggery up the creek in Nigeria. 11 pages.

C) The sail reefing episode from “We didn’t mean to go to sea” by Arthur Ransome. 10 pages.

John has asked that members might like to bring along interesting short extracts that inspired their own sailing, to share with the audience?

2) Mark Primrose: 9th Feb ‘How not to build a boat’!

With his great knowledge of the technical side of boats, will be sharing his experience.

Miss this at your peril if you are interested in or contemplating doing more than simply polishing your boat!

3) Brian Robertson & Co: 2nd March ‘2016 Smithereen/Blue Ilex ‘Mull Cruise’ film night: 


Following last year’s film premiere of their exciting 2015  ‘Round Mull’ adventure, the ‘Seamaster Boys’ are back with a film of their 2016 west coast cruise which took them from Loch Creran to Port Ellen, on Islay. Follow the exploits of the two crews aboard ‘Smithereen’ and ‘Blue Ilex’ as they cruise some of the finest sailing waters in the world.

All your questions answered, such as: ‘How hard it is to spend one week on board a small yacht with Tom Wilson’?

or ‘How to survive on a boat for one week on a diet of only Cous Cous and Weetabix’ ?

All this and much more………………!!!

4) Stewart Robertson  7th March:  ‘Sailing Fast’

Sailing fast is never just for the racing fraternity- anyone who’s had to make a dash for port in the face of an incoming storm will appreciate the benefit of knowing how to get the best out of their boat. This knowledge may be the safest thing you learn this season!

5) Simon Harris, Glen Bramley and Hillary Sillitto, 16th March: ‘Peak Flow’s adventures 2016’

Through the media of sound and vision, the crew of Peak Flow will collectively share their 2016 adventures with us.

6) Douglas Bathgate 23rd March: ‘Experiences of the North Sea, past, present & future’

Douglas has spent 35 years offshore as a surveyor, submarine pilot (remote control vehicles) and more besides. His anecdotes, tales and episodes of life-at-sea will fascinate anyone with an interest in the maritime world.


7)  Harbour Cmte. 30th March ‘Moorings: Info on how to use them effectively, efficiently and safely’

Keeping your boat safe is not just about sailing safely- tying up to the mooring safely and securely so she’s still there when you get back can be just as critical. Everything connected with the moorings and much valuable info you never suspected, will help you understand exactly what’s going on in the water beneath your pride and joy.

8) Sailing Committee. 18th April – look forward to summer season 2017.