The penultimate C in C of 2018 found us looking for somewhere to go across a split tide. With a reasonable day forecast, but with the wind predicted from SSW, we opted for a short cruise along the coast to Portobello. This is an often overlooked destination but it has much to offer because it is only about 1 hour from Granton and it offers easy anchoring on a gently shelving and fairly shallow shoreline.

Whilst the fleet made its way out of the harbour on a falling tide around 10:30 two boats, Solveig and Tidecatcher who had been doing an ‘overnighter’ up against the wall in Aberdour Harbour, crossed the Forth and joined the group. In addition to these boats the fleet consisted Cory Louise, Idothea, Errant, Gonzo, Silkie and Whizz Too.

Whilst we started our cruise in light airs the southerly quickly came in and we flew down the coast to Portobello beach. In a brisk offshore breeze we nosed our way in towards the beach and dropped anchor in about 3m of water. As we had time to kill we settled down in pleasant surroundings for a leisurely lunch and to enjoy watching the activities along the beach.

Around 2pm we raised anchor and charged back towards Granton greatly assisted by the brisk breeze, which had gone more southerly. We were doing up to 7knots on jib alone and made it straight back to Granton without having to tack. The boatman was due back on at 4pm and one by one the fleet started to drift back into the harbour in the late afternoon.

All in all a most enjoyable day and an opportunity to explore (for me anyway) a new anchorage.

B Robertson