The first C in C of the 2018 season consisted of a leisurely sail to Inchkeith Harbour, via Blae Rock. The forecast had predicted a constant south westerly airstream (variable) but what we got for most of the day was entirely the opposite, with a light breeze from the north east. The forecasters were correct about one thing however: IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE SCORCHER!

We set off about 10:30hrs and, on a falling tide, we were to be out for several hours. The fleet consisted of Amare, Cory Louise, Idothea, Tidecatcher and Wizz Too.

Conditions were perfect and we dropped anchor at Inchkeith just in time for lunch, which we enjoyed amidst the usual cacophony of noise from the Inchkeith residents (the gulls)! One or two souls ventured ashore but most were content to simply sit and enjoy the surroundings.

We all ambled back in our own time and as ‘Tidecatcher’ got within half a mile of Granton the predicted south westerly came on strong (only 6 hours late). Typical! All in all however an enjoyable day and a relatively gentle introduction to the new season.

B Robertson