Sunday 21st July 2019

With a reasonable day forecast (albeit with no predicted wind whatsoever) members and guests gathered in the clubhouse at 09:30 hrs to discuss proposals for this latest Cruise in Company. We were pleased on this occasion to have the ‘C in C’ over a rising tide, so options for the day were wide and varied.

As it is quite simply a beautiful place to go, I usually try to arrange a couple of visits during the season to Aberdour Harbour, and this seemed a good opportunity for one of these visits. As we had several hours ahead of us however I decided to spice things up a bit with a ‘coffee stop’ at Barnhill Bay, just to the west of Aberdour.

Thus it was, accompanied by an unexpected but never the less welcome gentle north easterly breeze, the fleet, consisting of Tidecatcher, Solveig, Mirene, Errant, Jeannie and Shalimar left Granton heading across the ‘Forth. The breeze held steady and soon we were passing Carr Craig and heading (carefully, and with a careful eye on depth) across the Medulse Rocks towards Barnhill Bay. This is a route which I would normally avoid but, in the correct state of the tide, it is navigable with care.

Barnhill Bay is a beautiful spot with good shelter and anchoring, and it affords lovely views of Aberdour Bay and Aberdour Golf Course. The bay does dry at LW however so, for fin keel yachts, access is limited. This short stop gave the fleet good anchor practice, before we raised anchor and headed the short distance into Aberdour Harbour.

The Aberdour Regatta had been held the previous day, but today the harbour was quiet as we nosed in and took our places against the harbour wall. The weather improved as the day went on and the group basked in sunshine as we enjoyed lunch (which for some consisted of a BBQ on the pier)!

With HW at 13:46, and with the boatman at Granton finishing at 17:15, we reluctantly left Aberdour mid-afternoon to head home. The gentle breeze from the east was still in evidence and the fleet sailed serenely back to Granton in good time.

We were indeed fortunate today with the weather and, when the forecast suggested that it would probably be a ‘motor’ in each direction, we actually ended up with a beautiful sail in each direction.

Watch out for further ‘Cruise in Company’ events throughout the season, and do come and join in!

B Robertson