Our first arrival from Helgoland nearly surprised us as they took less than 40 hours and completed around 420 miles in that time but the trackers proved really useful in predicting arrival times. After the mark at Helgoland it was all done on one tack! The Easterly breeze held for all the fleet although rough seas and very strong winds caused some sail, deck and mast fitting damage across the fleet. The majority of the 11 finishers made it in by Wednesday night and the helpers involved were multi-tasking from radio watch, driving the launch and Royal Forth, towing yachts, serving food, pouring pints and driving crew to minor injuries. 

The next few days were a bit more organised once we had all the yachts on the pontoon and the teams supporting all the repairs and clubhouse activity kicked into action. We ended on Saturday night with the Trinity Pipers playing whilst the BBQ was being served and then the band ‘Lost at Sea’ made up of club members playing their first ever gig.

All the efforts were much appreciated by our visitors and they wished to send their thanks to all those involved in making it a very memorable event. They are looking forward to 2021!