Royal Forth Yacht Club
Watersports at Granton


The Club House is open for members to use the facilities (including self service tea and coffee in the bar area):

  • Generally the club house is opened by the cleaner or the first person on duty, and closed by the last.
  • During the week, it normally opens during at 0800 or 0900, and closes at the end of whichever is latest of Office, Boatman, and Bar hours.
  • At weekends, a small team of volunteers will aim to ensure  the clubhouse is open  for members to use during the day, typically also 09:00-17:00.

These times will be extended, and the bar opened, for the events advertised in the Events Calendar – including evening races and cruises.

Coffee & Tea are available as usual in the Lounge, prices as displayed on notice (filter coffee £1 per mug – speciality coffee £1.50 per mug – tea £1 per pot – biscuits 30p)

Members can eat packed lunches in the Lounge but should not use any equipment in the kitchen.

Wet Gear, Workclothes and Boots are not permitted in the Lounge – thank you.

Boatman Service Summer 2018

The boatman service will operate seven days a week from lift-in day, subject to tides and forces beyond our control.

Your  Boatmen for 2018 are Piotr and Stuart.

The boatmans’ hours are given in the table at the bottom of every page in the website.

Remember the boatman’s last pick up time is about 15 minutes before his shift End time.

The table shows the summer’s boatman’s hours and bar hours, as well as High Water (HW).

Bar Opening Summer 2018

The bar is open for drink and hot food at various times when activity is expected in the club. This will be when there is racing, or an event or weekend sailing (i.e. tide and a boatman).

Opening hours will be published on the club notice board and here on the web, in the table below.

Office hours

Office hours are Tuesday to Friday 08:00 – 14:00. 

The full boatman’s and high water times can be downloaded here: RFYC Sailing Calendar 2017

Winter 2016-17

Office hours are Tuesday to Friday 08:00 – 14:00, except for the Christmas/New-Year shut-down which starts at mid-day Wed 21st December. The clubhouse will be open for the PEYC visit on Monday 2nd January, and then reopens from Wednesday 4th January. The Office will re-open on Thursday 5th.