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Here are a selection of members photos.

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Pemva (Westerly Corsair) sailing near Amble, summer 2016 – Submitted by Ken Dougall

“Here are two pictures of Pemva for the club’s website for the page with members yachts. They were taken this summer as we headed on a leg from Amble to Blyth to take part in the Festival of the Sea and visit the Tall Ships. It was part of the Coquet Yacht Club’s Cruise in Company.” Photos by Glen Hogg.pemva-north-sea2


West coast cruising Spring 2016 – submitted by Hillary Sillitto
Peak Flow on a close reach in the Sound of Sleat, May 2016 - photo HGS

Peak Flow on a close reach in the Sound of Sleat, May 2016 – photo HGS

Peak Flow anchored at the head of Loch Nevis, May 2016 - photo HGS

Peak Flow anchored at the head of Loch Nevis, May 2016

Head of Loch Nevis - photo HGS

Head of Loch Nevis – Ben Aden and Sgurr na Ciche – photo HGS

Fija under sail – submitted by Brian Ferrier
Image 1 ImagePeak Flow storms through the harbour at the end of the Coronation Cup 2013
Aberdour Harbour – submitted by Fiona Brown

Aberdour Harbour - With tide up

Winter in Granton Harbour

Smithereen comes out of the water on the West Coast

See Tom Wilson’s photos here West Coast lift-out

Edinburgh Regatta Sept 29/30 – Photos Tom Wilson

Windy conditions at the Edinburgh Regatta

Sailing is great fun for the children

Cadet Regatta September 2012 – Photos Liz Tulloch

Tom Wilson’s Smithereen is on the West Coast

Smithereen at Cragaig Bay, Ulva, off the west coast of Mull – just in case anyone is missing her!


A Corribee took both Ellen MacArthur and Katie Miller round Britain.  Here is RFYC’c own  Swelkie

An unidentified boat – but a good photo

This unknown boat was photographed on the afternoon of 19th June.

Pictures from Cruising in Company June 2, 2012

Blue Ilex and Saluki at Inchkeith

Stern chase from Inchkeith in choppy waters




Pictures from the Friday races of the James Gibb Series

A mixed start




SUSA races February 2012






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