Race Officer Training

Race management is a crucial part of delivering a club program of races for members to enjoy over the sailing season.   If unnoticed in the excitement of competition the RO has succeeded.  However the club needs a cadre of experienced volunteer club ROs and supporting AROs to achieve this outcome, and spread the load when delivering 50+ races in the season.  Since these volunteers are drawn from the changing membership then new recruits are always required and training is needed.

From time to time the club arranges RO training sessions under the direction of one or more of the qualified Regional Race Officer members of the club.  Last season 2013 Fiona and George Brown held two evening sessions for those new to Assistant Race Officer duties and those club Race Officers who perhaps have limited experience of the role.  This 2014 season the Browns will give a refresher training sessionon 1 May, 19:00 to 21:00 in the clubhouse.  This is open to all from those new to race duties to experienced club ROs.

The material for these evenings is contained in two slide show presentations:

A practical session can also be conducted on the club launch – committee boat – with the equipment and documents to enable the race officer to control races.

The presentations give slightly different slants on race management but more importantly the club RROs can give specific emphasis to race management in the RFYC – the arrangements, equipment and main essentials for the RO in the types of races, courses and conditions on the Forth.  A ‘Brown’ crib sheet/quick reference of the race management essentials is a useful tool for new AROs.

Practical Experience

Those new to ARO duties or RO duties are able to volunteer for the more straightforward racing events in the racing calendar such as Evening Points.  Dutyman is the mechanism for volunteering for specific duties.  If in doubt advice can be sought from the Sailing Secretary about which events might be appropriate or which experienced club ROs might help them gain experience.


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