Royal Forth Yacht Club
Watersports at Granton

Race Results – Previous years

The results of races prior to 2014 are shown here.  Title links to full data downloads.  Top three shown here.

2013 Race Results

2013 Race Results – Yachts&Dinghies – Prize Winners

Individual Races/Series


RACE           1st               2nd                3rd

Opening Regatta            Humdinger                     Wizz Too                        Varrich
Edinburgh Regatta 2013 – Overall Results
Evening Points Early Series
Evening Points Early – Summary Results
Keelboat – Fast Handicap     Hopscotch             Jetstream             Wizz Too
Keelboat – Slow Handicap    Curlew                 Eriskay                The Springer
Festival Series
Keelboat _ Fast Handicap   Cacciatore              Eliterit                   Wizz Too
Keelboat _ Slow Handicap  Seeaway                 Skimmer               Peak Flow
Evening Points Late Series
Keelboat – Fast Handicap      Hopscotch             Jetstream             Humdinger
Keelboat – Slow Handicap      Curlew                  Skimmer                Border Maid
Royal Eastern Regatta
Keelboat – Fast Handicap        Eliterit                 Humdinger            Varrich
Keelboat – Slow Handicap        Peak Flow
Saturday Series
Keelboat – Fast Handicap        Wizz Too               Varrich                   Humdinger
707 Saturday Open Event
One Day Series – May 25         Cacciatore             Blue Funk              Seaward
Autumn Series
Autumn Series                        Hopscotch             Humdinger            Wizz Too   
Singlehanded Race     Eliterit               Humdinger                  Wizz Too
West Cup                     Wizz Too           Kismet
Pennel Trophy 2013
    Eliterit               Tallulah                         Varrich
Neilson Plate            Wizz Too                  Kestra                    Tallulah
May Island             Erin                     Wild Horse                      Black Prince
Anstruther Express    L’Arc en Ciel
Coronation Cup 2013          Hanna            Peak Flow


Spring Series     Laser Radial (L Smith)       RS400 (K Gibb)       RS400 (S Robertson)
Festival Series
Dinghies                            Lola (Laser Radial)    Puffin(RS 200)      Pip(2.4 metre)

2012 Race Results

RACE           1st               2nd                3rd


Evening Points 2012 – Early Fast – Summary – Individual Races & Series
Series                        Hopscotch                    Jet Stream                          Wizz Too
Evening Points 2012 – Early Slow – Summary
Series                       Curlew                          Timania                              Skimmer
West Cup 2012           Wizz Too                         Eriskay                                   Chione
Pennel Trophy 2012   Chione                            Wizz Too                                Eriskay
Ladies Race                 Cacciatore                       Wizz Too                               Tallulah
Saturday Points 2012 – Fast – Individual Races & Series Summary
Series                      Varrich                    Wizz Too                        Humdinger
Saturday Points 2012 – Slow – Individual Races & Series Summary
Series                          Timania                         Skimmer                               Eriskay
Evening Points 2012 – Late Fast – Summary – Individual Races & Series
Series                        Hopscotch                    Jet Stream                         Cacciatore
Evening Points 2012 – Late Slow – Summary – Individual Races & Series
Series                       Curlew                          The Springer                      Skimmer
Single Handed 2012    Varrich                            Curlew                                  Peak Flow
Neilson Plate 2012       Kismet                            Curlew                                  Skimmer
Coronation Cup 2012  Wizz Too                       Jetstream                              Tallulah
Festival Series 2012 – Fast Keelboat – Results Summary
Series                          Elixir                             Marine Blast                      Wizz Too
Festival Series 2012 – Slow Keelboat – Results Summary
Series                         Seeaway                           Eriskay
Joint Passage Races – Overall 2012    (2nd)         Peak Flow
Eastern Regatta Series 2012 – Fast – Summary
Series                          Cacciatore                          Varrich                    Humdinger
Eastern Regatta Series 2012 – Slow – Summary
Series                            Peak Flow                             Timania
Autumn Series 2012 – Individual Races & Series Result
Series                          Whizz Too                         Humdinger                  Varrich


James Gibb Property Management Dinghy Series 2012 – Results Summary 
Series                        S Robertson                    R Millar                                R Bolton
Ladies Race                RS200                              Laser Radial
Festival Series 2012 – Dinghies – Results Summary
Series                        A Hutchinson                   J Sinclair                              J Paterson