Season’s Challenge 2017: “Round the Islands”

The competition is open – Rule changes for 2017 – see below…

What’s it all about?

There will be a competition for the fastest rounding of the islands in the Forth Estuary by RFYC yachts during the season. This is a great opportunity for everyone, even those who do not normally race to challenge themselves to pick the best conditions and get their boat sailing as well as it can.

Peak Flow beating towards Inchkeith.

Peak Flow beating towards Inchkeith.

The islands in the main challenge are:

Inch Garvie
Inchgarvie - photo by Mike Harrington

Inchgarvie – photo by Mike Harrington







There is a separate challenge for the Isle of May, which permits the breaking of the passage for an overnight stop at a convenient waypoint.

Isle of May circuit...

Isle of May circuit…

Details of handicap arrangements can be found in the 2017 Sailing Instructions, but in summary:

  • Fast handicap boats (base handicap of 1014 and below) will use ‘base’ handicaps. No White Sail Allowance is permitted.
  • “Slow” handicap boats (base handicap of 1015 and above) will use ‘progressive’ handicaps and will also be granted an additional 4% allowance (in addition to a White Sail Allowance, if relevant).


  1. Skippers can make as many attempts at each island as they wish – part of the challenge is to choose the most favourable wind and tide conditions for the passage(s).
  2. Start and finish times (not elapsed times) should be taken from Granton harbour mouth.
  3. Slow handicap boats entering may choose to make a White Sail passage and claim an additional 4% allowance.
    For the islands of Inch Garvie, Inchcolm, Inchmickery and Inchkeith the decision to make a normal or White Sail passage should be made before leaving the mooring or pontoon. For the Isle of May the decision to use a spinnaker can be made at any point on the passage. This changes the seven day requirement of Rule 9.5. The integrity of skippers is relied upon in this matter.
  4. The passage should be recorded on the forms available at the club notice board including: island rounded, name of yacht, skipper, date, start time, finish time, weather conditions, wind direction and strength, and whether a spinnaker or cruising chute was used. In the case of the Isle of May more detail of the passage should be recorded. In the case of a boat staying overnight on an Isle of May passage a single waypoint should be used to record the stop time on day one and the restart time on day two. The waypoint used should be recorded.
  5. The record of a passage must be submitted to the Sailing Secretary within one week of the island rounding.
  6. The elapsed time will be corrected for the yacht’s handicap (see Rule 9.6) and White Sail Allowance (if claimed). The 4% allowance for slow handicap yachts is applied to the progressive handicap. If a White Sail Allowance is being claimed then 8% is added to the progressive handicap before any adjusted time is calculated. For example:
  • A fast handicap yacht uses its base handicap. It may use a spinnaker, but no WSA is allowed if it does not.
  • A slow handicap yacht with a progressive handicap of 1015 or greater adds 4% to its handicap before calculating its adjusted time. i.e. a handicap of 1015 x 1.04 = 1055.6 is used.
  • A slow handicap yacht with a progressive handicap of 1015 or greater that nominates not to use a spinnaker before leaving its mooring/the pontoon adds 8% to its handicap before calculating its adjusted time. i.e. a handicap of 1015 x 1.08 = 1096.2 is used.
  1. A skipper whose boat does not appear on the club handicap list should apply to the Sailing Secretary for a handicap.
  2. Passage times will be displayed in a league table format on the RFYC website.
  3. If sufficient yachts compete prizes may be awarded.
  4. One discard is permitted in the four race series.

See the current year’s sailing instructions.

Forms for recording your passage are available in the clubhouse or can be downloaded and printed off here.

2016 results:

Yacht Name Inchkeith Inchcolm Inchmickery Inchgarvie May Island Total Points Points after 1 discard
Eriskay 1 6 6 6 6 25 19
Hanna 2 6 1 6 6 21 15
Peak Flow 3 2 2 1 1 9 6
Border Maid 6 1 6 6 6 25 19
Pemva 6 6 3 6 6 27 21
All yachts entering the Seasons Challenge series are entered in this table.
Points for not rounding an island for an entrant are total series entrants plus one.
One discard is allowed.

Final results for 2015:

Place for All Islands – summary of results.

League Table-1 – actual and corrected times for each boat for each island.

Detailed results and times:

Season's challenge results 2016

Season’s challenge results 2016

All time best times:

InchMickery – Hanna – 50m13s (elapsed) – 2934 sec (Corrected, WSA) – 22.9.16
Inchcolm – Border Maid – 1h30m25s (elapsed) – 4730 (Corrected, WSA) – 9.7.16
InchGarvie – Peak Flow – 2h10m29s (elapsed) – 7386 (Corrected, WSA) – 25.9.16
Inchkeith – Eriskay – 2h06m07s (Elapsed) – 7085 (Corrected WSA) – 11.9.15
Isle of May – Peak Flow – 10h47m37s (Elapsed) – 36656 (Corrected WSA) – 5.10.16

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