For anybody who hasn’t realised it yet, the Crow has flown South.

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Sunday 25 November

The AGM of the Club took place on Thursday and was, as usual well attended.  As well as reporting on the past year the members looked forward to the future which, as always, is challenging.

For the moment it looks like winter has set in.  There is still plenty of activity at the Club both in harbour maintenance and social activities, all of which are shown in the Upcoming Events box on the right hand side of this page.

The Crow’s Nest will be empty for a while as the crow is hibernating for the winter.

Addendum to the post for 21 Nov (below).  I have just noticed the post relating to a major 100th Anniversary today (21 Nov).  See the post about the surrender of the German Fleet to the Navy on 21 November 1918.

Wednesday 21 November

The window of warmer weather appears to have gone and we are poised to enter the period of winds and frosts.  Those members who put covers on their boats to protect from the worst of the winter will by now have got them fitted.  The last part of my covers goes on today.  It is particularly important for the wooden or teak decked boats that the water and frost doesn’t get into the woodwork.

Meanwhile our committee boat, Royal Forth, is back in the water after repairs to the rudder. She has still to drag in all of the race marks for the winter.  They get removed for repair and maintenance and to reduce their exposure to the worst of the winter weather.  We also still have to lift the next mooring ground chain for repair and replacement which has also been delayed due to other pressing work in the yard.  Much of this work is transparent to many of the members which is why it is good to highlight it here.  It is also worth repeating that it is thanks to our volunteers that this work gets done.  It would all be too costly without them.

This will become apparent when and if the West Harbour marina ever comes into being as the charges for it will be significantly greater than our moorings.  The next stage of its development is currently looking for approval from Marine Scotland.  This covers dredging and the extension of the harbour wall to protect the West Harbour from the North Easterlies which batter us from time to time.  There are concerns that it could affect the harbour approach or seriously impact the East Harbour and our moorings.  For anybody with specific concerns they can be registered with Marine Scotland before 9 December using the link above.  The other consultation running at present  is the Council’s Waterfront Master Plan Survey.  Comments on this are due by tomorrow, 22 November, and the link for that is here.

Thursday 15 November

The water is back on again though we had to get a court order to make it happen.

The first of the Winter Talks was on Wednesday 7 November and the next event is our Prize Giving this Saturday.  This is usually a lively event and is to be enjoyed by all, not just the racing fraternity hoping to sweep up some prizes.  Thursday next week is our Annual General Meeting, which is an important event for the Club as it gives an overview of the past year and an opportunity to shape the next one.

In the meantime, the weather is very accommodating for anybody wishing to get started on boat maintenance.  I have found over the past couple of years that if any painting is required, which usually requires temperatures of 10° or more, then it is better to do it in November rather than March.  This week is a typical example and I have taken advantage of it and done my woodwork this morning in lovely sunny conditions.  Antifouling unfortunately mostly has to be done within 3 months of launching so is not a suitable candidate (though there are some antifouling which can be applied 6 months in advance).

Friday 2 November

We have had some decent weather this week allowing for working on boats in the yard.  Unfortunately this has had to be very limited because the water supply has been turned off by the landlords.  As a result the Fireworks party scheduled for Sunday is cancelled.

Tuesday 30 October

The report on the lift out is now to hand and as it makes for interesting reading in its entirety it has been put up as a separate post.  You can read it here: Lift out 2018

Monday 29 October

Inevitably with the page being silent for a couple of weeks, the hit rate has dropped away dramatically.  Also with going into winter routine the hit rate for the site as a whole has dropped.  This is inevitable as the need to check the web cam for weather conditions for sailing is no longer there, apart from a few hard individuals with boats still on the water.

However, activity at the Club doesn’t stop just because most of the boats are out of the water.  As well as early maintenance of boats and tinkering with fixtures and fittings before it gets too cold we move into a very active winter programme.  Coming up in November are a fireworks party, the first of the winter talks, about sailing in Norway, and our annual prize giving and AGM .

Saturday 27 October.

Having been away for a couple of weeks, this page has been very quiet.  I did try to get it updated with an update on the lift out but it obviously didn’t happen.

Last Saturday racing had to be abandoned  when Royal Forth lost all steering. By use of wind, tide, balance and power her crew were able to guide her back into the harbour mouth where she was taken in tow by the blue launch. The wheel and steering linkage function correctly so the problem seems to be external, more will be revealed when she is lifted out. Some difficulty with steering had been noted in August but that seemed to have resolved itself.  Regrettably not. Royal Forth is now out of the water to be repaired.

The first rescue plan for Royal Forth had been to use Olympian but she would not start. On later investigation this failure was traced to a fault with the kill cord “button” on the console. Another problem to be resolved.

All this meant that the racing for today, the last of the Autumn Series had to be cancelled.

As for lift out on Monday, despite the rather strong winds on the whole the day went very smoothly.  As usual a large number of members, both boat owners and non boat owners turned out for an energetic day’s work and the kitchen team were kept busy keeping them  supplied with hot food and drink throughout the day.

Tuesday 16 October

Yesterday was another lovely day with little wind.  Perfect for sorting the sails, though I suspect most skippers will be working.

Racing continues on Saturday with the penultimate two races of the Autumn Series in the morning which looks to be the warmest day of the week with sunny periods and good breezes.

Lift-out is next Monday and at the moment the forecast is looking fair.  For any members not coming down for the day (and it is a day of fun and camaraderie as well as hard work) you will notice afterwards that the yard organisation has changed slightly, taking advantage of the crane on site.

Sunday 14 October

Despite the rotten weather yesterday the Autumn Series did go ahead.  Here is the report from the Race Officer:

The weather was not great, rain and 13 knots from the east with accompanying lumpy sea. Two races were run using breakwater courses. Honours were even in the slow class with Timania and Motley one win each but Kestra powered away winning both races with a clear margin.

Nice to come in to hot bar snacks!  It was so overcast we needed nav lights on coming in.

Today is better, dry with light winds.  Perhaps no so great for sailing but pretty good for removing sails and kit from the boat in preparation for lift-out – just 8 days away.

Wednesday 10 October

It was lovely out on the water today, a brisk force 4 and sunshine though with the wind being from the East there was quite a bit of chop to slow progress down.  We did manage a circuit of Cow and Calves and Inchmickery though.  There were also another 3 boats not on the water which was good to see.

It might be just about the last outing though as it is time to get ready for lift out.  There are already a few boats who have already removed their masts in readiness.  It makes them look a bit naked I always feel.

With a spring tide it was a good opportunity for our silt agitation dredger to get out and shift some silt, drive by one of our new volunteer drivers.  The results of the dredging user the crane are already visible.  In the meantime a report has gone to the EML directors about the options for dredging the pontoons before next season and a new pontoon has been fixed in place at the end of the run of the pontoons.

Friday 5 October

It was a lovely day today for the film shoot and lovely for sailing even if it was a bit cold.  It looks to be the same tomorrow, sunny periods and cool temperatures with light winds.  Being the weekend there should be a few more boats out on the water.  After all there won’t be too many other opportunities before lift-out.

Racing events this weekend include the start of the Autumn Series tomorrow afternoon, with two races taking place, and the possibility of dinghy racing on Sunday.  Dinghy racing seems to have been fairly limited over the past year or so though we do have some very successful dinghy sailors at national and international level.  There was a time when the dinghies were always to be seen racing on our local waters.  It is a good low cost way to get on the water and is excellent for learning about sailing.

Tuesday 3 October

It’s October already with just under 3 weeks to lift out.  Members are already starting to offload gear and store it for the winter and schedule dates for lifting masts off.  It’s a sad time of year, though there may be one or two opportunities to get a final sail.

Very quiet in the harbour this morning with barely a breath of wind, despite the forecast.  The new trot has settled well in a nice straight line.  However it is sad to see a large rash of unused moorings parked at the South end of the harbour.  They have all been removed from the West Harbour as dictated by the landlord though there is as yet no sign of the supposed dredging starting there yet.

There was a surprising peak in web site visits yesterday.  Up from the average of 80 to 130 though for no good reason that I am aware of.

The Royal Eastern Regatta didn’t happen on Saturday.  As suspected it was too windy.

Happening this week, on Friday, is a film company using the harbour as a backdrop.  It is suggested that perhaps one or two members might provide some activity on the water.  See here for details.

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