Six boats started for these two races. Unfortunately, the wind was very very light, and most of the entrants retired. Last information was that Cathy was still waiting for reports from one or two of the boats:

We received 3 entries for the May and 1 for the Express. However on the morning 6 yachts appeared to start, including Erin as an extra for the May, and a small yacht that had no sail numbers which looked like an Anstruther express entrant. From e-mail traffic I gather that all but one of the May island group (EuRoBo, Yesnaby and Erin) retired and that left Ossian. The only official entrant for Anstruther Express, Sula, apparently retired as well. I will check with Ossian to see if an email declaration had been sent.” If you are the unidentified boat, please let us know how you got on!

The weather for this coming weekend looks promising and we are looking forward to providing a start for the May Island and Anstruther Express races. We have changed the starting method to a time start gate which will open between 09:00 and 10:30 and be between the Royal Forth H mark and the Forth Corinthian Q mark just to the East of Granton Harbour. Yachts choose their own start times in that time gate window and record their own start and finish times. It is expected that Granton based boats will still need to stay on the pontoon on Friday night. There will not be a committee boat on station but the time start gate will be observed and have a radio watch whilst open. With the weather forecasted this should be perfect conditions for a passage to Anstruther and we hope the time gate will encourage participation.

For SIs and Declaration  Forms see perspective Event Entries:

Isle of May Race 23 July 2016

Anstruther Express 23 July 2016

Isle of May Race 23 Jul 2016

Isle of May Race 23 Jul 2016