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The next Cruise in Company was Sunday 12 July – at 10:00

This event welcomes members old and new without their own boat and is also an opportunity for prospective members to come and try it.  Turn up for the briefing and we will try to get you out on one of the boats.

You will need to bring your lunch with you  as we will be out on the water till about 3:30 pm.  Then there is a chance to meet up in the club house, where, if it is too early for a drink, you can take afternoon tea.

Cruise in Company Sunday 21st June 2015

The first scheduled Cruise in Company of 2015 was cancelled due to bad weather.  Therefore this was effectively our first CinC of the season.

7 Boats turned out and the report and pictures have been put together as a post.

Cruising in Company reports 2014

Last CinC of the season – Sunday 28 Sept at 15:00

Half a dozen boats turned out in pleasant conditions with light winds.  The flotilla sailed gently across to Aberdour (with one boat going round the corner to Silver Sands so that the young crew could go ashore to the beach).  On the journey back the wind dies so the final stretch was on engine.  As usual a good time was had by all.

Saturday 13 September – celebration fireworks for the 50th anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge.

The boats reflectedSee the full story here: Bridge Fireworks




For a third party short video, go to: Fireworks

Forth Road Bridge 50th Celebrations 7 Sept.

At least 9 Royal Forth boats took part in  this Event. among a flotilla of about 160 boats.

Full details and pictures of the event can be seen in this post: Bridge Celebration Flotilla  You can also see the photos from Silkie and the Festival of the Forth Flotilla Photos

There were 3 columns of craft, each with a nominated lead boat, passing under the bridge from West to East.


Cruise in Company 4/6: Sunday 3 August

Our latest cruise in company attracted 8 boats, despite the gloomy forecast, plus a couple who just came out for the morning. They were rewarded with a brisk sail out and an even brisker sail back, in conditions which were largely sunny.  For the full report see post.

Cruise in Company 3/6:  Saturday 5th July

The briefing  took place at 10:00 in the clubhouse with Kenny MacKenzie (Hoodlum) as flotilla leader.  Kenny had to tear up his carefully researched and prepared passage and mooring plans, as the  skippers and crews agreed to go East with the tide rather than up river and the lunch time destination was set for the other side of Inchkeith.

The fleet was well strung out towards the north end of Inchkeith in light but bright conditions.  At times the tide was giving more forward drive than the wind.   However 12 boats eventually mustered close to the shore on the east side of Inchkeith, below the  lighthouse.

After a leisurely lunch, there was some discussion over VHF channel 8 as to the interim destination on passage home.  (There were some interesting examples of radio procedure in evidence, including at least one “Over and out”.)  An early suggestion of Portobello was rejected in favour of Kinghorn Bay <sic>, particularly as in the lee of Inchkeith it was uncertain as to the strength of the wind and its direction.  Some boats decided to set off directly back to Granton because of the uncertainty, but the Commodore and Vice-Commodore in Embleton led the passage to Kinghorn Harbour, as it turned out to be.  The adjacent sandy Pettycur Bay offered no shelter, but in the Harbour, provided the boats went well in,  there was shelter from Kinghorn Ness.   The only problems to avoid were Hummel Rocks (which were obvious at low tide) and a scattering of isolated rocks in the eastern part of  the bay.  Clearly visible and a guide into the bay was the RNLI station, one of the busiest in the area.

Only about a third of the fleet made it here, and anchored for afternoon tea.

CIMG5368 CIMG5365By now the wind, still mostly from the North West had picked up, so we all had a cracking sail back to Granton just in time for the start of the boatman’s service.

All in all, a great day out, and hardly a hint of the rain which had been promised and a lot of the sun which hadn’t.

On the previous cruise:

We didn’t have a proper briefing last cruise in company. I was slightly late having been stuck in traffic and arrived at the club with everybody already dispersing out on the water at 09.30. Lack of a briefing lead to an incident which fortunately only caused nothing more than embarrassment and a couple barnacles having a sore head – it could have been much more serious. Communication on the water is difficult at best of times – much better to ask the questions before hand.

At the briefing we need to:

1)      Agree a destination
2)      Have a good study of the charts and ensure that all joining the cruise have a clear understanding of appropriate course and an obstacles to avoid
3)      Having a clear understanding of fall back options in case of changes in weather etc.

At the briefing some members are very experienced, other less so – for those experienced members, please help the less experienced, and the less experienced please do ask the silly questions.

For a report on why we need a briefing, see Rocks and Heuristic Traps

Previous Cruise in Company 2/6: The  Cruise in Company on Sunday June 8th was a successful day.  Further details in this post, which contains useful information for us all.

Cruise in Company 4/6: Sunday 3rd August, departure time 10:00

Cruise in Company 5/6: Saturday 13th September, departure time 15:30 (Forth Bridge Fireworks)

Cruise in Company 6/6: Sunday 28th September, departure time 15:00

Cruise in Company – Saturday 10 April 2014

For another view, and loads of photos, see also the Post:  The Sun will Shine on the Righteous.

This report by: Ken Dougall

The day started with a greyness that came with a gentle drizzle that we all know so well. You know the sort of weather, the sort that saps enthusiasm from the mind and makes the very thought of going, outside akin to having a cold shower after a sauna. The type of day that makes braving outside a giant leap. However, it was just that leap that 10 cruising members of the Royal Forth Yacht Club decided to take. It was a leap of faith as much as anything else, with the forecast suggesting a window of sun around lunchtime before the rain started again. So it was, that the following boats ventured out into the greyness at 10.30: yachts Shuvler, Hoodlum, and Aziana, along with ribs Broadsword Calling Danny Boy and our very own Olympian.

The destination was Aberdour with the aim to tie up alongside and have a get together. It transpired that in the fleet we had not one but TWO people celebrating a birthday, namely Robyn Dougall aged 16 on the rib and David Scott aboard Shuvler aged ….er, well slightly more. The wind was just right if somewhat chilly from the east and the yachts made good progress. We had specified a VHF frequency for the fleet which was used to relay information. Broadsword Calling Danny Boy shot over to Aberdour and reported back that there was plenty of space beside the harbour wall. Meanwhile Olympian flitted between the yachts like a bee on a summer’s day taking pictures and video and giving cohesion to the fleet. Her function as a rescue craft was thankfully not required but the two ribs did act as a “finish line” to greet the yachts on arrival at both Aberdour and Granton.

The boats grouped into two raft ups: namely Aziana, Broadsword Calling Danny Boy and Hoodlum, (the latter had our Rear Commodore Peter Hall as a guest crew aboard). The other group consisted of Shuvler and Olympian. The sun had come out, the sea was shimmering and the party kicked into full swing with Shuvler being the centre of the action. A cake appeared as did 3 lobsters heralded in with the sound of party poppers. It would be fair to say that our first cruise had kicked off in style and the weather brought its own gift, that of sun all afternoon.

We had a group photograph on the pier and with everyone having eaten and drunk as much as they wished it was time to head of on the next leg of the cruise. Organiser Paddy suggested a circumnavigation of InchColm via Mortimer’s Deep.  Aziana decided to visit the North Bay of the island and go East between Swallow Craig and Car Craig to rejoin the fleet “on the other side”.  The ribs followed the fleet around InchColm and visited the beautifully sheltered West Bay in passing. Hoodlum and Shuvler were making good time and were approaching Mickery as the ribs caught up with them. Aziana rejoined the fleet about 1.5 miles from Granton and all the boats finished about the same time. The ribs once again acted as a finish line although a couple of the boats crews did exclaim “Oh I did not know we were racing”. This of course was true, as we were cruising, and having a load of fun.  After all, it was a cruise in company as the name suggested and a successful cruise at that.