The crowds (sorry) members gathered on a dry but, blustery Monday morning at 8am (well most of them did) for lift out. It was going to be a busy day and working to a tight schedule as high water was just after 1400hrs and there were a couple of large boats requiring to be lifted out at that time. After an hour spent clearing the yard ably led by Tug boat Tom and his able assistant Desperate Danny it was upstairs for a well earned Bacon Roll and tea or coffee served on beautiful white napkins by Rear Commodore Denise, Breakfast chef Alaistair and our new star Kathleen. This was followed by an excellent briefing by our young, handsome and debonair Rear Commodore Harbour. ( readers of this article may now have realised who the author is). 

At 1000 hours it was all hands to the ropes as we started the lifts and after a brief hiccup we got into our stride with the boats coming out thick and fast. Graham Prince was doing an admirable job noting the times as they came out. As time went on and the wind speed was increasing a few nervous glances were cast skywards but Piotr was quite confident there would be no issues. Probably based on the fact we had a 130ton crane with a long reach. ( he was ultimately proved correct). The crane came into its own as high water passed and both Simandy and Arctic Gold were still in the water. It was an hour later before Arctic Gold was resting on her cradle. During this time the kitchen were turning out hot pies to keep us all going.

Once this job was completed we were still not finished as we had to move  both  Mickery and the metal container. This proved relatively straightforward and will now allow us to move Piotr into more habitable surroundings for the winter. Meanwhile Tom and Danny were hard at work returning trailers and dinghy’s to the yard assisted by members  not involved in lifting the boats. By close of play we had lifted 20 boats and moved a porta cabin and a large metal container. A splendid effort by all involved and a well earned pat on the back.

Roll on lift in !!

Rear Commodore Harbour