UK Border Force Poster for Project Kraken.
UK Border Force Poster for Project Kraken.

For the first of the 2019/2020 Winter Talks, Stuart Moffat and Thomas Barbour from the UK Border Force attended RFYC on Wednesday 16th October, 2019 to discuss recent work done by the agency and to introduce members to Project Kraken, a joint law enforcement operation tackling maritime border crime around over 11,000 miles of British mainland coastline.

Part of the initiative is outreach, connecting with members of clubs like RFYC in order to ask for the community’s help in reporting suspicious activities. Scotland has the longest mainland UK coastal border which provides significant challenge for surveillance operations. However, it is often the case that local residents and mariners, those who know their locales best, are the best placed individuals to spot something that looks suspicious and report it. This is one important aspect of Project Kraken.

Seen something suspicious around the coast?

Whether you work in the maritime industry, are a keen sailor, or are just walking along the coast, you should report any unusual or suspicious activity near the UK coastline and in maritime environments immediately.

This could include:

  • boats arriving at unusual times or to isolated locations
  • people taking an interest in port security or buildings
  • nervous crew who show a lack of maritime protocols
  • people making attempts to signal or guide boats offshore
  • people making a large cash payment for maritime equipment
  • people being somewhere they shouldn’t be
  • boats showing signs of unusual modification or minor damage

Don’t ignore it, report it

If you see anything unusual or suspicious you can report it online.

You can call the police on 101. If it is an emergency, call 999.

Sign up for regular updates about Project Kraken.

RFYC would like to thank Stuart and Thomas for taking the time to visit the club and for presenting a fascinating talk on various aspects of the Border Force’s work in the marine domain. It was an engaging event in which the pair illustrated how the agency conducts its operations and showcased some of their many successes.

These cases were well supported with many examples from the seizures that have been made in UK territorial waters for members to examine in close detail. From X-Rays showing bodily concealment of contraband to confiscated weapons, presentation cases of controlled substances (all still present and correct at evening’s end!) and various articles reporting these actions, there was plenty to engage with throughout the evening.

Stuart Moffat and Thomas Barbour from the UK Border Force posing with members of RFYC .
Stuart Moffat (3rd from right) and Thomas Barbour (4th from left) from the UK Border Force posing with members of RFYC .