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Lounge facilities

Coffee & Tea are available in the Lounge, prices as displayed on notice (coffee £1 per mug – superior coffee £1.50/mug – tea £1 per pot – biscuits 30p)

Members can eat packed lunches in the Lounge but should not use any equipment in the kitchen.

Wet Gear, Workclothes and Boots are not permitted in the Lounge – thank you.

 Yard security

Members are reminded to be vigilant and careful with expensive equipment.

A member’s outboard motor has been stolen off his boat in the yard.  It is advised that all outboards, whether on your boat or in the shed are securely locked up against removal.

This is a reminder to do what you can to lock up or remove anything which is not securely fixed down.

Marine Safety Alert regarding the security of moorings

This is a timely reminder to us all to check our pennants throughout the season.  Forth Ports reported a recent incident – where a yacht broke adrift from it’s mooring on the Forth and grounded on Oxcars. This vessel drifted unmanned from its mooring position towards Oxcars via the main shipping channel, causing a navigation hazard to river users during transit.  See Marine Safety Alert 01- Security of Moorings.

Club branded clothing

There is a huge range of club branded clothing available from “Superlogo”, which is upstairs in the Sports Warehouse, Coburg Street, Leith. For £3.00 per garment you can have any of the Club insignia embroidered. For full details see: RFYC Superlogo notice.