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Watersports at Granton

The Learning Section

However long we have been sailing there is always something new to be learned, or some forgotten fact that needs to be revisited.

Therefore it is appropriate that from time to time there are things which can be brought to the attention of members.  If there is something which could or should be shared send it to the webmaster via the office.

The RYA has a Which Course search facility to help you find an appropriate course for your needs.

The Forth is rather cold

if you are unexpectedly plunged into it.  If you are wearing a lifejacket your chances of survival are greatly increased. Have a look at these superb videos explaining the effect of falling into cold water:  Cold Water Boot Camp and Cold Water Shock – wear a lifejacket.

Sailing safely downwind

Several recent accidents from the world of round the world yacht racing have highlighted the (potentially fatal) dangers of accidental gybes. It is not just the boom that is a hazard, but the main sheet as well. Make sure that you have thought about where the danger zones are on your boat and make your crew aware. If you’re on an unfamiliar boat, find out from the skipper where it’s safe to be when sailing downwind. It is safer and often faster to sail on a sequence of broad reaches than it is to sail close to dead downwind.

If you’ve got people on your boat who aren’t used to it or you, make sure they know the danger zone and stay out of it, and be doubly careful to be aware of any risk of accidental gybes. Make sure whoever is helming understands how to avoid accidentally gybing.

Upcoming Events

  1. Cadet training on the water 5

    Tuesday, August 20 @ 6:30 pm
  2. Late Evening Points 4/5

    Wednesday, August 21 @ 6:30 pm
  3. Open Sailing 6

    Thursday, August 22 @ 5:30 pm
  4. Late Evening Points 5/5

    Thursday, August 22 @ 6:30 pm
  5. One Design Weekend

    Saturday, August 24 - Sunday, August 25
  6. FCYC Bell Rock Race

    Saturday, August 24
  7. Cadet training on shore 5

    Tuesday, August 27 @ 7:00 pm
  8. FYC Yacht Regatta (Forth Series Div 2) 1

    Saturday, August 31
  9. Late Saturday Series 3 races 1

    Saturday, August 31 @ 2:30 pm
  10. FYC Yacht Regatta (Forth Series Div 2) 2

    Sunday, September 1

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