This club works because of the dedicated and enthusiastic efforts of many volunteers. Some volunteer roles are done by one or two people, but many hands makes light work of other jobs such as race officer, bar person, and “drivers” for the club’s boats – Royal Forth, our racing Committee Boat, the water taxis when Piotr or the weekend boatman are otherwise occupied, and the RIBs used to support training and provide safety cover.

Please consider becoming involved if possible, contact Sandra (office) or Maria (membership secretary) in the first instance.

Extra volunteers are always welcome and needed for the following roles, and it’s a great way to meet more club members and get your face known around the club.

Committees – House, Sailing and Harbour – these committees run the main functions of the club and usually have specific small jobs that can be done by willing volunteers.

In addition there are more specialised tasks that require training, “learning on the job” alongside existing volunteers, or some level of authorisation.

The race officer and assistants on "Royal Forth" - photo Tony Clarke

The race officer and assistants on “Royal Forth” – photo Tony Clarke

Royal Forth drivers: Royal Forth is our race committee boat. If you have Level 2 powerboat, or are an experienced skipper of some standing with powered boats (RIBs, motor boats, powered yachts), you need a short induction session to become familiar with the boat and with how it is used during a race; and then to come out with an experienced driver for at least one race, to get used to how things work in practice.

Other race duties: There are various roles associated with running races, which are managed using the Dutyman system – both the roles and Dutyman are described on the Duty Roster/Dutyman page.

Water taxi driver: The water taxi service is normally operated by our Bosun or by a part-time person who provides weekend cover. However we need volunteers who are able to step in when the normal boatmen are unavailable for any reason – holidays, sickness, dredging or other duties. If you have level 2 powerboat, or are an experienced skipper of some standing with powered boats, you just need a short induction session to get familiar with the boat, the shallow bits of the harbour, and the boatman’s phone.

RIB driver: if you have level 2 powerboat, you need a short induction session to learn about our boats and the refuelling procedure.

Rescue boat driver – if you have done the RYA Rescue Boat driver course, you need a short induction session to learn about our boats and the refuelling procedure. If you have RYA Level 2 powerboat, you need to do a rescue boat training course, which the club may be willing to subsidise.

Bar duties: to be a bar volunteer you need a two-hour training session to become a certified barman, and a practical session with the paid bar staff.

Laying out moorings: a small team, mostly retired members, does a sterling job working with the Bosun to maintain the moorings and racing marks. This involves working ashore and in the club’s boats, lifting, inspecting and re-laying the chains that anchor the mooring buoys – great if you enjoy being out on the water throughout the year.

Repair/Maintenance of Club Vessels : the same small team is also heavily involved with the painting and servicing of the club boats. These activities must be completed before lift in and this year in particular we desperately need all the hands we can get. Even if it is only for an hour or two with a paint brush.

Website – we like to keep the website up to date and relevant, and want to get more involved in social media, particularly Facebook to link up with other clubs on the Forth. This year John Lane has joined the web team in order to make sure racing results are posted promptly with a consistent and professional look. Volunteers to help with other aspects of keeping the website fresh and up to date, and improving our social media presence, would be warmly welcomed – experience of WordPress desirable but by no means essential.